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How to clean energetically my space

Space Clearing

The art of clearing and transmuting the stagnant and heavy energy of a environment into a lighter and more welcoming space!

Maybe you've walked into a room and felt tension in the air, a change of mood or a discomfort. 


You were sensing the energy from the people, objects and events in that space – past and present. You may not have seen that energy, but you felt it through your subtle senses and you probably had a reaction to it.

A good way to think about this is to picture fish living in an aquarium. If the aquarium water is kept clean, this is what the fish are breathing in and absorbing. Conversely, if the aquarium water is dirty, the fish are breathing in and absorbing this unhealthy water. This is a very good representation of what occurs when we are in an energetically clean environment or an energetically dirty environment.

How can I smudge my house

An energetically dirty environment will not only affect the health of the energy system but the mental, physical, and emotional health of the person as well.

For example, living or working in an energetically dirty environment can lower your mood or bring a feeling that something is not right, it can lead to confusion, anger, anxiety, depression, nightmares...

How to clean the energy of my house
space clearing portland

Maintaining a clean environment, physically and energetically, is essential for long-term health and happiness.

There are many levels of energy imbalances in an environment, which require different approaches.

Let me know what is going on in your space and I can guide you on the best action to take.

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BE TUNED --> Soon I will write simple steps to clean your space by yourself.

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