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Professional Organizing

Home and workspace professional organizing service that improves
your productivity, emotions and mental health.

Have you ever tried to relax or work in a cluttered space? How did you feel?

A cluttered environment has a huge influence on how we feel, think and behave.
It can make it hard to focus, overwhelming the mind, resulting in stress and anxiety.

home organization in Portland

Professional Organizing

Effective strategies for organizing
your home or workspace

Professional organizing declutters and develops organizing systems to reduce stress, boost workspace productivity, and create a functional, harmonious and welcoming home.

Organizing also has a significant impact on recovering from or getting ready for a transition. Such as a new home, a new baby, a child leaving for college, divorce, downsizing, retirement, etc.

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Office organization in Portland
phases of organization

Four phases of organizing service


Needs Assessment &
Set of a goal

In person or online meeting  to start an organizing plan of action. On this first phase I will:

- Meet the space
- Conduct the needs assessment
- Identify the issues
- Set a goal
- Create an organizing system that is unique to your needs


Evaluation of the Organizing System

We need to make sure the organizing system is working for you.
I offer a 30 min complimentary evaluation.


Declutter & Organizing

Let`s implement the Organizing Plan of action!

This phase involves:
- Declutter
- Sort items of the space
- Organizing space using a new personalized organizing system.

The implementation can be accomplished by working:
- With you hands-on, providing side-by-side assistance;

- I work solo and ask you questions as I need to;
- Coaching, providing you with assignments to complete on your own.



Maintenances sessions can help you stay on track!


organizing services in portland
Organization services in Portland, in Lake Oswego, in

Holistic Lotus

My mission is to support you, with compassion and without judgment, whether you want to organize your home or office, creating a space that is functional and inspires you.

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