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Ishtar Dance


Come to dance at the Ishtar`s Tent Dance, a safe space that allows us to connect with our body sensations, our instincts
and express our emotions through movement.

Each of us is a unique being, as is our dance,
so there is no reason to judge ourselves and others.


Dance in community is an important part of the practice,
as it provides support and encouragement as we explore our own personal growth and self-expression.


Within each dance we may explore different themes.
On this class we will explore sensuality and water connection and water related dances.

Become the fluid mystery of water

What do you wish to achieve in this dance circle?



Thank you for contributing to this experience! Please come with an "empty cup" and enjoy!

This tent of dance will be guided by Gisele Domingues, a Brazilian women passionate for dance! 

Gisele is certified Yoga Te
acher, Advanced Certified Pranic Healer, Spiritual medium*, Capoeirista* and Professional Organizer.

"I see dance as a healing art form. I love exploring movement, contraction and expansion, balance, sensations, the expression of different emotions, trance states, ... 
It's a moment to dive into yourself, even if you're dancing with other people.

Feel free to explore my website Holistic Lotus to check my othes offerings:

"I love to help people and their sacred spaces through personal Energy healing, Professional Organizing and space clearing".

*Spiritual medium - I work with a Umbanda group every Tuesday on Tabor Space (SE Portland), offering healing sessions through mediumship. Be in touch if you would like to know more about it.

* Capoeirist - who practices Capoeira (Brazilian martial art).

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