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Holistic Lotus
Professional Organizing, Space Clearing, Energy Healing

Living Space  .  Workspace .  Your Life

Have you ever tried to relax or work in a cluttered space?
How did you feel?


The environment around us has a huge influence 
on how we feel, think and behave.

Living and working in a cluttered environment can make it hard to focus.
It may cause mood swings, overwhelming the mind, 
resulting in stress and anxiety.

Your Home and  Body are your Sanctuary

Keeping them harmonized and organized improves your mental and emotional health.

Professional organizing Portland Oregon

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Gisele Domingues is an Energy Healer and a Professional Organizer.

I love helping people with holistically aligning their homes, as well as their own energetic field.

Professional Organization
Space Energy Clearing
Energy Healing

I can help you to create an ideal environment for Relaxation, Focus and Creativity.

Serving all Portland OR and nearby cities.


organizing services portland

Organizing and Space clearing Client

Gisele brings her warmth, wisdom and professionalism to her work. Her clear sight, grounded presence and dedication to holding the highest good made me feel a sense of ease and trust while doing some much needed clearing in our home.

It is clear that Gisele does much more than organizing the home. She comes with an open and empathetic heart to face the clutter and clear what does not serve. This is house therapy. Thank you Gisele! 

Jamie Wiggins - Life long poet, creative counselor, keeper of the soul fire.


organizing projects oregon

Child`s Room

K. needed help with her son`s room. 

I created a child-oriented organization system, which made it easier to keep the room organized.

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