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Tronco de árvore seca

About me

Gisele Domingues is a Certified Pranic Healing Practitioner and Certified Yoga Teacher. She is committed to personal well-being, in the service of emotional and energetic healing.

"I am proud to be the third generation of yoga practitioners and the fourth generation of healers in my family! I used to love be in the same yoga class with my mother and grandparents. And I love to hear the stories of my great grandmother Praxedes helping people with medicinal plants and prayers, in Brazil we call this type of practitioner "Rezadeira" or "Benzendeira" ".

Pranic Healing

My first Pranic Healing training was in 2009, in Brazil. After a painful separation, I was invited to take the Pranic Healing course, and to my surprise, after completing basic training, I was feeling much lighter to walk in life. I decided to continue my degree in Pranic Healing with Professor Monica Abad (Director of the Golden Prana Institute and president of the NGO Education for Peace. Senior Instructor, direct disciple of Master Choa Kok Sui).

A year later, I started to organize Pranic Healing workshops for Monica. The workshops took place inside the Tibetan Buddhist Temple located in the forest of Vargem Pequena, where I lived.

In 2011, I did a training workshop in Pranic Psychotherapy with Master Stephen Co, Los Angeles, CA.

I worked with Monica Abad until 2012, when I moved to Oregon.

Energy Healing


Gisele is graduated and certified in 3 training courses for Yoga Teachers, in Brazil and in the United States. Certified in Training in Ayurveda, in addition to over 20 extension courses.

- Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa private lessons;
- Yoga Retreats;
- Organization of events related to spirituality and personal growth;


"In 2012 I had a deep experience teaching Yoga to an international group at a Medicine Healing Center in Iquitos - Peruvian Amazon, during a Visionary Art and Master Plants meeting. I deeply understand how Yoga can help many people find their center , peace and vital strength ".

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